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Custom Cycling Apparel & Gear

Create Your Own Custom Order! Select Any Template to Fully Customize!

Transform your cycling experience with custom cycling gear from Sports Gear Swag. We inject excitement into every pedal push and trail chase by providing you with custom cycling apparel that combines comfort, style, and performance. 

Tailored Cycling Apparel and Gear
Our diverse range of custom cycling jersey tops, shorts, tanks, arm and leg sleeves, plus custom gear like caps, hats, and headbands, can cater to all your cycling needs. Whether you prefer summer cruises or winter workouts, our cycling clothing line has you covered. 

Premium Quality Cycling Jerseys & Uniforms
Our custom jerseys redefine the intersection of style, functionality, and customization. Constructed with lightweight, durable materials and advanced moisture-wicking technology, they offer a cool and dry cycling experience in any condition. The options for crafting your own cycling jersey, with an array of templates, colors, and clipart, are as endless as your biking routes.

Fit for Everyone
Our custom cycling jerseys are designed for Men, Women, and Youth, ensuring a perfect fit for all team members. All jerseys and uniforms, made from 100% polyester, boast of a softness and fit that’s classic. Choose from our range of neckline options to suit your preference.

Selection of Awesome Fabrics

Our “Choose Your Fabric” step allows you to select a fabric that fits your cycling needs. 


Opt for our PRO-Blend, a lightweight laminated 180 GSM fabric, or choose our PRO-Air, a lightweight laminated 260 GSM fabric that stands for breathability and durability — ideal for those seeking the pinnacle of activewear.


Place your custom orders for bike jerseys and cycling uniforms with Sports Gear Swag today. Together, we can create your own unique design to conquer the most breathtaking trails.

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