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Create Your Own Custom Order! Select Any Template to Fully Customize!
Create Your Own Custom Order! Select Any Template to Fully Customize!

Get ready to rock your custom track uniforms from Sports Gear Swag, meticulously tailored to fulfill your unique needs. Whether your goal is outfitting a team or creating a statement at a personal level, the creativity infused into each field singlet is only restricted by your imagination.

Astoundingly Customizable Designs
Design your custom track uniforms by choosing from our templated options or upload your own custom logos and images. If customizing from scratch is too daunting, drop a comment, and our dedicated team of designers, working seamlessly round the clock, will help customize your apparel. 

Expansive Choice of Fabric Types
On our “Choose Your Fabric” Step, we afford you a golden opportunity to explore three different fabric types, all suitable for your track uniforms and field singlets. Opt for the Poly-Knit, our standard choice; Poly-Mesh, our superior option; or Pro-Wick, our premium luxury choice — all designed to offer comfort, breathability, thickness, and durability.

Preferred Printing Methods
Customize your field uniforms one step further by choosing your preferred printing method. Sublimation offers a smooth, embedded, and vibrant finish that sees your text, numbers, and artwork ingrained into the fabric. 


On the other hand, choosing to embroider gives you a premium, thick, pronounced, and classic finish as your text, numbers, or artwork are stitched into the fabric.


With Sports Gear Swag’s bespoke field uniforms and track uniforms, you’re not just the athlete; you’re the designer too. Let’s collaborate and create sports gear that’s as phenomenal as your performance!

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