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  • TOP QUALITY JERSEYS - This football jersey is lightweight, durable, moisture-wicking, and extremely vibrant. All designs can be fully customized. We have hundreds of colors and clip arts to choose from. You may also upload any custom logos or images. For any additional designing required, please leave a comment and we'll update your jersey accordingly. We have a full team of expert designers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs. We can fully modify any design to make your 100% custom jerseys unique and one-of-a-kind. All jerseys are available in multiple sizes between Men, Women, and Youth. All jerseys are made in 100% polyester, cooling fabric. Extremely soft and comfortable to wear with our classic fit. We have this design fully in stock. All custom jerseys are made using sublimation for printing vibrant color. Once the order is placed, we will email you a digital proof in less than 1 hour. The digital proof is a summary of your custom artwork, text, jerseys, roster, and more. This is all comprised in 1 convenient file for you to review. You can request as many revisions as you would like to your digital proof. Only once the digital proof is approved will we will begin production of your custom apparel. No minimum order quantity is required.
  • PERFECT CHOICE - This jersey which can be used all year in any weather will keep you cool at all times. Play like a pro, look and feel great, and represent your team in these elite custom jerseys.
  • EXCELLENT FABRIC - Make of safety standard material, cloth micro-fiber 100% polyester material, moisture-wicking, and comfortable for all ages. Available in Men, Women, and Youth sizes.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - This jersey can easily be sized accordingly for a great fit. The inner layer is made of soft fabric, no dye, gentle to the skin.
  • LOGO - Full-Color printing. Sublimation printing is used to leave a durable, vibrant finish. Non-sticky, ingrained in the fabric print.
  • MATERIAL - 100% Polyester DIGITAL PROOF - We will email you a digital "proof" or preview for your approval. Please note production will not begin until you approve of the proof. The proof will be sent in less than 1 hour.
  • SIZING - All football jerseys are available in Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes. We have all sizes available to meet your needs. For custom sizing, please feel free to call, email, or chat with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our standard printing method is sublimation. We will print your designs onto a sheet of high-release paper, then transfer them onto the apparel. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. The feeling of the design texture is minimal. This is our most advanced style printing method, and most popular across the industry. We can ensure you that we will always use the highest quality printing method to make sure your apparel looks and feels great.
We are located in Houston, Texas in the USA.
The best way to get a quote is by visiting our home page - https://www.sportsgearswag.com/. Select your sport and the apparel you are interested in to view the associated price chart at the top of the webpage. The price chart breaks down the cost per item without customizations. To view the total cost with customizations, complete the step by step ordering process indicated on our website to retrieve an instant quote. Proceeding to the shopping cart will state the total quote with shipping. If you have a special request or any questions, you may always email us at sales@sportsgearswag.com. You may also call us at any time at 1-833-301-6511 and we will be more than happy to help.
Most of our jerseys and shorts are made of 100% polyester.
Our standard printing method is sublimation. We will print your designs onto a sheet of high-release paper, then transfer them onto the apparel. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. The feeling of the design texture is minimal. This is our most advanced style printing method, and most popular across the industry. We can ensure you that we will always use the highest quality printing method to make sure your apparel looks and feels great.
We have no minimum order quantities across all of our products. You may purchase as many items as you would like.
We have the fastest turnaround time in the nation. Standard industry turnaround is 14-30 days for production and 2-7 additional days for shipping. However, with us our turnaround time including production and shipping is 3-7 days. The turnaround time including production and shipping is considered after receiving payment for the order and the approval of the proof or preview image we send you. All proofs are created and emailed within 1 hour or less.
We have Youth and Adult sizes available, ranging from YXS to Adult 4XL. We do not distinguish our sizes by gender. For every product on our website, you may view the associated size chart to retrieve accurate measurements. If you would like a size not listed on our website, please contact our sales team. We will try our best to meet your needs.
Contact our sales team by calling 1-833-301-6511 or emailing sales@sportsgearswag.com and we will try our best to apply your changes as long as your order is not already in production.
Our prices are ALWAYS the lowest in the market for custom apparel. We can assure you that there will be no company in the market that will be able to provide you a lower price and a faster turnaround time than us.
Yes you can upload your own logo. We can also suggest logos or emblems for you.
The colors of the proof as shown are approximate and will differ on each computer monitor or mobile screen. However, the color shown on the proof and actual product will be almost identical.
Yes, you can suggest a special font for us to use on your uniforms. The style of all lettering and numbers can be customized to your choosing.
After placing an order, we will send you a free proof of what your order will look like. If you would like to make any revisions to the proof, this is free of charge. We will make as many revisions to your proof as you would like. Once you are 100% satisfied and approve of the proof, we will proceed with processing your order. If you would like, you may cancel your order and request a full refund at anytime before we process your order.
No, you may make as many changes to the proof as you would like.
Simply reply back to the emailed proof that you received and tell us the change you would like to make. We will revise and send you a new proof.
Our average turnaround time is less than 1 hour.
A digital proof is a digital image of how your sports apparel will look. We will show you an image before we start production. You can make as many changes as you like to the digital proof until you are satisfied.
Simply reply to the proof email stating that you confirm the proof layout and then we will start production.
You may cancel your order free of charge and receive a full refund if your order is not in production. If the order is already in production, then your order cannot be cancelled due to the production and material cost that we have already incurred.
Please call our sales team at 1-833-301-6511 or email them at sales@sportsgearswag.com and they will assist you with this matter.
If there is a production error please email us pictures of your order at sales@sportsgearswag.com and we will investigate the matter.
If you qualify for a refund and we have already issued the refund to you, the refund normally takes between 5-10 business days to reflect on your account. However, the refund may be processed before this. If you do not see a refund within this time frame, please contact your payment method provider directly.
We accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You may also pay with PayPal. The method to pay by check is also available for customers who wish to mail in a check. Purchase orders are accepted for schools, certain non-profit groups, and government organizations.
We do not charge any tax. We also do not charge any other fees.
Visit the order now page and follow the steps to place an order with your specification. Then once you are at the checkout page, enter your shipping and billing information. Below this there will an option to pay by "Check / PO." Click this option and select submit. You will receive an order number by email. Place this order number on your school’s official PO and email this to sales@sportsgearswag.com.
The shipping cost will be provided to you in the Shopping Cart page. The shipping cost varies according to the quantity and desired delivery time of your order.
After approving of the proof we send you, our standard turnaround time is 7 days including production and shipping. However, you may choose to expedite your order to as soon as 2 business days.
You may call us at 1-833-301-6511, email us at sales@sportsgearswag.com, or message us on our live web chat and our sales team will give you an update on your order. Also, once the order is shipped, we can send you a tracking number.
Once your order is shipped, you may contact us by calling 1-833-301-6511, emailing sales@sportsgearswag.com, or messaging us on our live web chat and our sales team will send you your tracking number.
We can split an order across different colors and sizes for the same style. Our website already takes this into effect and offers you the lowest price possible.
Yes absolutely. Simply upload your logos and in the notes section, mention which logos should be assigned to which uniforms and where the placement of the logos should be.
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PMS 1255 C
PMS 126 C
PMS 1265 C
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PMS 134 C
PMS 1345 C
PMS 135 C
PMS 1355 C
PMS 136 C
PMS 1365 C
PMS 137 C
PMS 1375 C
PMS 138 C
PMS 1385 C
PMS 139 C
PMS 1395 C
PMS 140 C
PMS 1405 C
PMS 141 C
PMS 142 C
PMS 143 C
PMS 144 C
PMS 145 C
PMS 146 C
PMS 147 C
PMS 148 C
PMS 1485 C
PMS 149 C
PMS 1495C
PMS 150C
PMS 1505 C
PMS 151 C
PMS 152 C
PMS 1525 C
PMS 153 C
PMS 1535 C
PMS 154 C
PMS 1545 C
PMS 155 C
PMS 1555 C
PMS 156 C
PMS 1565 C
PMS 157 C
PMS 1575 C
PMS 158 C
PMS 1585 C
PMS 159 C
PMS 1595 C
PMS 160 C
PMS 1605 C
PMS 161 C
PMS 1615 C
PMS 162 C
PMS 1625 C
PMS 163 C
PMS 1635 C
PMS 164 C
PMS 1645 C
PMS 165 C
PMS 1655 C
PMS 166 C
PMS 1665 C
PMS 167 C
PMS 1675 C
PMS 168 C
PMS 1685 C
PMS 169 C
PMS 170 C
PMS 171 C
PMS 172 C
PMS 173 C
PMS 174 C
PMS 175 C
PMS 176 C
PMS 1765 C
PMS 1767 C
PMS 177 C
PMS 1775 C
PMS 1777 C
PMS 178 C
PMS 1785 C
PMS 1787 C
PMS 1788 C
PMS 179 C
PMS 1795 C
PMS 1797 C
PMS 180 C
PMS 1805 C
PMS 1807 C
PMS 181 C
PMS 1815 C
PMS 1817 C
PMS 182 C
PMS 183 C
PMS 184 C
PMS 185 C
PMS 186 C
PMS 187 C
PMS 188 C
PMS 189 C
PMS 1895 C
PMS 190 C
PMS 1905 C
PMS 191 C
PMS 1915 C
PMS 192 C
PMS 1925 C
PMS 193 C
PMS 1935 C
PMS 194 C
PMS 1945 C
PMS 195 C
PMS 1955 C
PMS 196 C
PMS 197 C
PMS 198 C
PMS 199 C
PMS 200 C
PMS 201 C
PMS 202 C
PMS 203 C
PMS 204 C
PMS 205 C
PMS 206 C
PMS 207 C
PMS 208 C
PMS 209 C
PMS 210 C
PMS 211 C
PMS 212 C
PMS 213 C
PMS 214 C
PMS 215 C
PMS 216 C
PMS 217 C
PMS 218 C
PMS 219 C
PMS 220 C
PMS 221 C
PMS 222 C
PMS 223 C
PMS 224 C
PMS 225 C
PMS 226 C
PMS 227 C
PMS 228 C
PMS 229 C
PMS 230 C
PMS 231 C
PMS 232 C
PMS 233 C
PMS 234 C
PMS 235 C
PMS 236 C
PMS 2365 C
PMS 2375 C
PMS 238 C
PMS 2385 C
PMS 239 C
PMS 2395 C
PMS 240 C
PMS 2405 C
PMS 241 C
PMS 2415 C
PMS 242 C
PMS 2425 C
PMS 243 C
PMS 244 C
PMS 245 C
PMS 246 C
PMS 247 C
PMS 248 C
PMS 249 C
PMS 250 C
PMS 251 C
PMS 252 C
PMS 253 C
PMS 254 C
PMS 255 C
PMS 256 C
PMS 2562C
PMS 2563 C
PMS 2567 C
PMS 257 C
PMS 2572 C
PMS 2573 C
PMS 2577 C
PMS 258 C
PMS 2582 C
PMS 2583 C
PMS 2587 C
PMS 259 C
PMS 2592 C
PMS 2593 C
PMS 2597 C
PMS 260 C
PMS 2602 C
PMS 2603 C
PMS 2607 C
PMS 261 C
PMS 2612 C
PMS 2613 C
PMS 2617 C
PMS 262 C
PMS 2622 C
PMS 2623 C
PMS 2627 C
PMS 263 C
PMS 2635 C
PMS 264 C
PMS 2645 C
PMS 265 C
PMS 2655 C
PMS 266 C
PMS 2665 C
PMS 267 C
PMS 268 C
PMS 2685 C
PMS 269 C
PMS 2695 C
PMS 270 C
PMS 2705 C
PMS 2706 C
PMS 2707 C
PMS 2708 C
PMS 271 C
PMS 2715 C
PMS 2716 C
PMS 2717 C
PMS 2718 C
PMS 272 C
PMS 2725 C
PMS 2726 C
PMS 2727 C
PMS 2728 C
PMS 273 C
PMS 2735 C
PMS 2736 C
PMS 2738 C
PMS 274 C
PMS 2745 C
PMS 2746 C
PMS 2747 C
PMS 2748 C
PMS 275 C
PMS 2755 C
PMS 2756 C
PMS 2757 C
PMS 2758 C
PMS 276 C
PMS 2766 C
PMS 2767 C
PMS 2768 C
PMS 277 C
PMS 278 C
PMS 279 C
PMS 280 C
PMS 281 C
PMS 282 C
PMS 283 C
PMS 284 C
PMS 285 C
PMS 286 C
PMS 287 C
PMS 288 C
PMS 289 C
PMS 290 C
PMS 2905 C
PMS 291 C
PMS 2915 C
PMS 292 C
PMS 2925 C
PMS 293 C
PMS 2935 C
PMS 294 C
PMS 2945 C
PMS 295 C
PMS 2955 C
PMS 296 C
PMS 2965 C
PMS 297 C
PMS 2975 C
PMS 298 C
PMS 2985 C
PMS 299 C
PMS 2995 C
PMS 300 C
PMS 3005 C
PMS 301 C
PMS 3015 C
PMS 302 C
PMS 3025 C
PMS 303 C
PMS 3035 C
PMS 304 C
PMS 305 C
PMS 306 C
PMS 307 C
PMS 308 C
PMS 309 C
PMS 3105 C
PMS 311 C
PMS 312 C
PMS 3125 C
PMS 313 C
PMS 3135 C
PMS 314 C
PMS 3145 C
PMS 315 C
PMS 3155 C
PMS 316 C
PMS 3165 C
PMS 317 C
PMS 318 C
PMS 319 C
PMS 320 C
PMS 321 C
PMS 322 C
PMS 323 C
PMS 324 C
PMS 3242 C
PMS 3245 C
PMS 3248 C
PMS 325 C
PMS 3252 C
PMS 3255 C
PMS 3258 C
PMS 326 C
PMS 3262 C
PMS 3265 C
PMS 3268 C
PMS 327 C
PMS 3272 C
PMS 3275 C
PMS 3278 C
PMS 328 C
PMS 3282 C
PMS 3285 C
PMS 3288 C
PMS 329 C
PMS 3292 C
PMS 3295 C
PMS 3298 C
PMS 3302 C
PMS 3305 C
PMS 3308 C
PMS 331 C
PMS 332 C
PMS 333 C
PMS 334 C
PMS 335 C
PMS 336 C
PMS 337 C
PMS 3375 C
PMS 338 C
PMS 3385 C
PMS 339 C
PMS 3395 C
PMS 340 C
PMS 3405 C
PMS 341 C
PMS 3415 C
PMS 342 C
PMS 3425 C
PMS 343 C
PMS 3435 C
PMS 344 C
PMS 345 C
PMS 346 C
PMS 347 C
PMS 348 C
PMS 349 C
PMS 350 C
PMS 351 C
PMS 352 C
PMS 353 C
PMS 354 C
PMS 355 C
PMS 356 C
PMS 357 C
PMS 358 C
PMS 359 C
PMS 360 C
PMS 361 C
PMS 362 C
PMS 363 C
PMS 364 C
PMS 365 C
PMS 366 C
PMS 367 C
PMS 368 C
PMS 369 C
PMS 370 C
PMS 371 C
PMS 372 C
PMS 373 C
PMS 374 C
PMS 375 C
PMS 376 C
PMS 377 C
PMS 378 C
PMS 379 C
PMS 380 C
PMS 381 C
PMS 382 C
PMS 383 C
PMS 384 C
PMS 385 C
PMS 386 C
PMS 387 C
PMS 388 C
PMS 389 C
PMS 390 C
PMS 391 C
PMS 392 C
PMS 393 C
PMS 3935 C
PMS 394 C
PMS 3945 C
PMS 395 C
PMS 3955 C
PMS 396 C
PMS 3965 C
PMS 397 C
PMS 3975 C
PMS 398 C
PMS 3985 C
PMS 399 C
PMS 3995 C
PMS 400 C
PMS 401 C
PMS 402 C
PMS 403 C
PMS 404 C
PMS 405 C
PMS 406 C
PMS 407 C
PMS 408 C
PMS 409 C
PMS 410 C
PMS 411 C
PMS 412 C
PMS 413 C
PMS 414 C
PMS 415 C
PMS 416 C
PMS 417 C
PMS 418 C
PMS 419 C
PMS 420 C
PMS 421 C
PMS 422 C
PMS 423 C
PMS 424 C
PMS 425 C
PMS 426 C
PMS 427 C
PMS 428 C
PMS 429 C
PMS 430 C
PMS 431 C
PMS 432 C
PMS 433 C
PMS 434 C
PMS 435 C
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